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In this six part lesson series, you will learn ways to enhance the quality of your life. Many people wonder how to improve their life, yet they feel powerless to make the necessary changes because there are internal conflicts which stop them from taking action.

For example, it’s common knowledge that many people want financial freedom, yet they may hold a limiting belief that says “Rich people are bad.” So in order to enhance your life, it’s fundamental to overcome any limiting thoughts that stop you from living the life you intend to.

This course will help you navigate life by understanding that life is a process that unfolds through you. Life doesn’t happen to you because through your thoughts and actions, you create the circumstances of your life. Therefore, if you are not living the life you hope, it is a matter of changing your thoughts and steering your life in a new direction.


Do You Wish Life Was Different?:

Wishing life is different means to live with regret and this is a powerless state because you are unable to make conscious choices that lead you in the direction of the life you want to live. This lesson is about examining those regrets and learning to overcome them in a healthy way.

A Guide To Navigating Life:

In this lesson you will learn three powerful ways to navigate life and take ownership of your choices rather than live with regret. Everyone needs a guide or a teacher to help them steer their life in the right direction. You will gain the same wisdom in this lesson as though you are being guided by a mentor or coach.

Life Is About Experiences

A fulfilling life is one that is filled with experiences rather than accumulating material possessions. As you discover what is of importance to you and pursue it, those experiences shape your future because they are aligned with your highest values and true character.

Trust In The Process Of Life:

Trusting in the process of life means to appreciate that life unfolds through you. It does not happen to you because that means you become a victim instead of a conscious creator. When you trust the process of life, every decision is born out of serving your highest good.

Reduce Stress In Your Life:

If you are stressed whether through health, career, family or relationship troubles it is likely to impact on your perception of life. In this lesson you will learn how to reduce stress in your life to create a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Life's Greatest Lessons:

In this lesson I share 4 powerful lessons that I learned throughout the course of my life which I wrote about in my first book: The Power To Navigate Life: Your Journey To Freedom. These lessons will help you to appreciate life is a sustainable entity based on the knowledge that what you put into it you get back.

Tony Fahkry

Tony Fahkry

Self-Empowerment Expert, Author and Coach

Tony is a leading health and self-empowerment expert with over twelve years’ experience as a speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between self-empowerment, human behaviour and self-awareness.

Tony developed a comprehensive self-empowerment program, The Power to Navigate Life which he presents to corporate companies across Australia. The book which bears the same name achieved local and international attention with Dr. Eldon Taylor NY Times Best-Selling author contributing the foreword.

His follow-up book, Reconstructing The Past To Create A Remarkable Future gained the attention of international author, Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret film who wrote the foreword.

He achieved the highest authorship of Platinum Author for Ezine Articles, with over two hundred and fifty articles to date. He writes for several leading websites to include: Thought Catalog, MOGUL, Niume, Scriggler, Pick The Brain, Ezine Articles, SelfGrowth.com, StartsAtSixty.com, and many more.

Tony finished writing his third book titled, Awaken Your Authentic Self.

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