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Success is a journey, not a destination. It is who you become that determines your success. Those who win the lottery are worse off after their win given their little experience managing that level of wealth. That is why it slips out of their hands. They have not created an internal shift around the concept of wealth.

Therefore, the key to success is not so much the destination, as much as the person you become. It is the endless failures, disappointments, highs and lows that mould you into a person worthy of success.

You’ve heard it said successful people are adaptable. They know what they want and pursue it with intense determination. They are receptive to the process of life and are not fixed on how their goals will be achieved.

This course will help you create a strong and powerful vision for success by focusing on what is meaningful in your life. We will cover areas such as, how to overcome your fear of failure and establishing successful habits which are the foundations for success in all areas of life.

We will explore how to deal with rejection and failure and use problems that arise along the way as opportunities.


Create A Purposeful Vision For Success

If we are to be successful in any area of life we must create a strong vision for what success will look like and nurture it consistently. As the saying goes, “as within, so without.”

Overcome Your Fear of Failure

To live successfully it is important to reframe your concept of failure. Those who are successful, fail often yet learn from their setbacks to create incredible success.

How to Form Successful Habits

Success is measured by the habits you create and stick to consistently. Without habits you leave your success to chance.

How to Deal With Rejection

People equate rejection and failure to low self-worth and believe these impair their ability to attain success. We can learn to reframe rejection and failure in a healthy way to equate to growing success.

Your Problems Are Always Opportunities

Problems are opportunities and we must investigate them at a deeper level. Contained with each problem is the seed of an opportunity for personal growth and to reach beyond our comfort zone.

The Principle of Purposeful Action

Purposeful action requires maintaining a strong vision for success and taking regular action that leads to success. You must nurture success through strong habits and daily action.

Tony Fahkry

Tony Fahkry

Self-Empowerment Expert, Author and Coach

Tony is a leading health and self-empowerment expert with over twelve years’ experience as a speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between self-empowerment, human behaviour and self-awareness.

Tony developed a comprehensive self-empowerment program, The Power to Navigate Life which he presents to corporate companies across Australia. The book which bears the same name achieved local and international attention with Dr. Eldon Taylor NY Times Best-Selling author contributing the foreword.

His follow-up book, Reconstructing The Past To Create A Remarkable Future gained the attention of international author, Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret film who wrote the foreword.

He achieved the highest authorship of Platinum Author for Ezine Articles, with over two hundred and fifty articles to date. He writes for several leading websites to include: Thought Catalog, MOGUL, Niume, Scriggler, Pick The Brain, Ezine Articles, SelfGrowth.com, StartsAtSixty.com, and many more.

Tony finished writing his third book titled, Awaken Your Authentic Self.

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