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Your life’s purpose is found through trial and effort. Purpose is found in action, not inaction and is ongoing throughout one’s life. Your purpose may vary and serve others in many ways as you evolve.

Be mindful of attaching your purpose to your career however as evident when one is made redundant, or the company downsizes. Many people describe feelings of emptiness following an unexpected change in their profession since they connect their purpose to their career.

The notion you have ONE purpose in life remains a misconception undeserving of your attention. There are many stories of successful people who have found innumerable callings throughout their life. It is never too late to uncover your purpose. There are those who discover their purpose while young, as in Beethoven who was destined for musical greatness from a tender young age. Others mature into their purpose, similar to Gandhi who at sixty one led a nation-wide protest against British imposed taxes. His stance against authority continued well into his late seventies before his assassination in 1948 at seventy eight.


How To Find Your Purpose:

What are the key elements to discovering your purpose? This section is aimed at helping you get clear on what is important to you and what you value most. It entails looking to your past and present in order to make sense of your life's themes.

Create Your Future With Purpose:

To create a future with purpose you must align with a deeper understanding of who you are. I'm not talking about your likes and dislikes, but something deeper. Who is this person you call "I" and what does he/she value most?

Are You Parked or Navigating Through Life?:

Those with purpose navigate their way through life. They are rarely stuck and have a knack of knowing what is of importance to them. They live with passion and seize the day, making the most out of every moment to create a purposeful vision for success.

How To Follow Your Bliss:

Your purpose may or may not be tied to what you do in terms of a career or job. To follow your bliss means to connect with what is important to you and makes your spirit soar and come alive.

Who Are You Destined To Become?:

Those who pursue their purpose undergo tremendous personal growth because they discover the essence of their character and soul. Your purpose is a road map to bring your gifts to the world but also discover your deeper wisdom.

How To Give Meaning To Your Life:

People search desperately for the meaning to their life when it is right before them. You do not wait for meaning to be given to your life, rather you create meaning through your actions.

How To Find Courage Through Adversity:

Adversity is a great teacher and a gift that summons us to evolve and grow. When the dust settles, we can see clearly through the fog of confusion and realise our greatest potential. Learn how to summon courage when life does not go according to plan.

Tony Fahkry

Tony Fahkry

Self-Empowerment Expert, Author and Coach

Tony is a leading health and self-empowerment expert with over twelve years’ experience as a speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between self-empowerment, human behaviour and self-awareness.

Tony developed a comprehensive self-empowerment program, The Power to Navigate Life which he presents to corporate companies across Australia. The book which bears the same name achieved local and international attention with Dr. Eldon Taylor NY Times Best-Selling author contributing the foreword.

His follow-up book, Reconstructing The Past To Create A Remarkable Future gained the attention of international author, Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret film who wrote the foreword.

He achieved the highest authorship of Platinum Author for Ezine Articles, with over two hundred and fifty articles to date. He writes for several leading websites to include: Thought Catalog, MOGUL, Niume, Scriggler, Pick The Brain, Ezine Articles, SelfGrowth.com, StartsAtSixty.com, and many more.

Tony finished writing his third book titled, Awaken Your Authentic Self.

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